Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company planning an annual convention for your employees and suppliers, or a growing company preparing for your first recognition event for 100 of your top executives or clients— The Harmon Group will help make your special event a pleasant, memorable and hassle-free experience! The Harmon Group can help strategize and arrive at innovative, effective solutions for all types of meetings, conferences, seminars, local and regional workshops anywhere in the world. Our approach is comprehensive and our execution is flawless.


Full Event Management

We provide full event management services, top technology tools, extensive in-house capabilities and we work in tandem with our network of strategic partners and alliances to provide you with a seamless package for all your event and meeting needs.


Worry-free Meetings & Events

Today’s smart organizations know that outsourcing their meetings and events means they’re completely worry-free, and thus free to focus on what they do best. The Harmon Group takes the time to identify the messages you want to communicate, and we come up with events and themes to support your overall goals and agenda.



During the initial stages of your project, we work closely with you to define your objectives and collectively and creatively develop a vision for your event.

Next, we start to define what you’ll need to turn your special event into a successful event. We’ll choose a site, formulate a budget, and develop a program that meets your objectives.


From meal planning and catering, banners and signage, entertainment, photography, promotion, registration, room setups and displays, speakers and special guests, and ticket sales, every last detail of your event is our first concern.


Exquisite Execution

On the day of your event, we’ll be there for and with you every step of the way. Our on-site experts will coordinate your program and deliver a special experience for both your event participants and you. Time and again, The Harmon Group has successfully applied this process for our many satisfied clients, and each and every time we deliver highly effective, well-executed events. We’ll stay in close and constant contact with, you from the outset of your project until the last gust leaves.

We work for you there should be only good surprises

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